KLANGFEE media sound is a specialized film service provider, offering the complete chain of professional sound post-production. Creativity mixed with longtime experience and excellent working conditions guarantees the best possible sound for your project. Be it animation, documentary, feature, commercials, trailer, image film, games or any other audio-visual endeavor. Here you get the right sound for your unique project, compliant to audio norms and especially to YOUR budget. KLANGFEE media sound was founded in 2004 by Florian Marquardt, a sound engineer graduate (theatrical re-recording mixer and sound designer) of the legendary German film university HFF in Potsdam, Babelsberg. The company is located in the heart of Europe and operates internationally. Thanks to the Internet, even worldwide assignments can be realized via file transfer protocol (FTP) - see our credits! For EU customers outside of Germany, invoices without the German value-added tax can be easily provided.

We offer you the warmest of welcomes!!


We always look to take our clients to new horizons. Their goals become our goals. Together we exceed all expectations. KLANGFEE media sound is a small, super-creative, full-service film-sound studio with over 10 years of experience in the sound post-production industry. We strive to create cost-efficient, effective and high-quality professional SOUND for your project. A network of sound professionals and highly advanced sound studios ensures really amazing SOUND results.

Give us a try and find out what we can do for YOU.


  • sound supervising, sound design, dialogue edit, foley stage recordings, mixing/ re-recording
  • voice over, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), dubbing, restoration
  • conceptual sound creation with love and passion for both big and small projects
  • state-of-the-art studios, cutting-edge technology, programs, effects, professional staff
  • compliant to international cinema and television norms (EBU R-128, LEQ(m), FSK, Dolby...)
  • international business relationships
  • cozy and warm atmosphere :)

Welcome to the KLANGFEE studio - here your auditory dreams come true!

  • we offer standard creative SOUND DESIGN according to the needs of the project and your wishes
  • we do definitive and competent DIALOGUE EDITING, professional style!
  • we have an enormous and unique professional sound-archive, filled accordingly with love and passion!
  • we perform intense but careful RESTORATION of critical sound material ("rough" location sound, documentaries, music, historical recordings...)
  • we have a very similar acoustical/technical environment like the big re-recording stages do! EDITING becomes MIXING!

Welcome to the THEATRICAL RE-RECORDING STAGE! Sound mixing becomes perfection.

  • reference for theatrical acoustic, sound and projection (rare DOLBY PREMIER LICENCE!)
  • reference mixing console HARISSON MPC4D!
  • CHRISTIES FULL HD projection!
re-rec-stage-HOME.jpg (picture of the old studio at the MMZ-Halle... new one coming Q3 2014!)
  • professional re-recording stages for THEATRICAL and TV mixes
  • competent, experienced and qualified re-recording mixer
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital/ SVA/ LtRt for 35mm and/or DCP
  • 5.1 MASTER-tracks, STEMS (DME), 5.1 MnE, Lt/Rt
  • Dolby ATMOS System soon!
  • compliant to THEATRICAL NORMS (LEQ(m), Dolby SR...)
  • compliant to TV NORMS (EBU R-128 -23 LUFS)
  • down-mixes
  • sound conversions 24/25 frames