The Global market has made it easy to buy and sell international goods and services. Without physical borders, new services such as the sound services we offer are also available now and anywhere! Acting globally gives our international clients the opportunity to access our excellent and innovative SOUND services from all over the world. Thanks to computers and the Internet, we are no longer bound to physical materials like tapes or film rolls. Digital files can be easily exchanged. Of course we have an ultra-fast Internet connection with incredible transfer rates in both directions, downloads AND uploads. Instant delivery! Email, skype and mobile phones are part of our everyday business, as is travel by train or plane.

If our services attract you, don't hesitate to contact us! We are eager to demonstrate our intercultural and inter-auditory competences :)

Our sound is MADE IN GERMANY. You will get an invoice WITHOUT the German value-added tax (19%) IF your company is located within the European Union and IF you have a valid international VAT-ID number.